From the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame capital of the world Cleveland, Ohio to Southwest Florida, Time Trax travels nearly everywhere performing a wide variety of dance floor packing music at night clubs, casinos, resorts, hotels, festivals, and special events. Their large song list of classic and current dance music enables them to thrill nearly any audience.  Time Trax can play  50's, 60's, 70's,  80’s, 90's, and today’s best current music.  Time Trax is a class act known for their professional and energetic shows, sharp stage attire, along with a fabulous sound and lighting production.  Because of the band's ability to captivate crowds and cover popular genres of music, Time Trax has become one of the most popular and well respected cover bands to come out of Northeast Ohio.  With home bases in Northeast Ohio and Southwest Florida, Time Trax Performs an average of 150 dates per year and is consistently rebooked into the venues they perform.  Most notably, Time Trax has performed shows for Carnival Cruise Lines out of Florida and California, Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Cleveland, Ohio's Fox 8 Morning Show. 


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Bill Wischmeier started playing guitar at the age of 13.  By 15 he was playing in a band with paying gigs. When his older band mates wanted to play in clubs, Bill's parents forbid it.  Bill put the guitar aside and focused on football while in high school.  Bill went on to attended Kent State University and soon realized that he wanted to play the guitar again. He put college aside and joined the "Alan Broze Show Band".  This band not only played the popular clubs in Cleveland but they also toured the East Coast all the way down to Key West, FL. 

Bill and "Alan Broze Show" bandmates, the late Tim Cernan and Al Piccarrelli, toured the Midwest for Three years as the "Velvet Crosswalk".  Returning home from the road Bill enrolled at Tri-C to attain his Associate Degree. During this time he played with local bands "New Direction" and "Touch".

Bill joined up with "Carrousel" a popular Top-40 band where he formed a great working relationship with band leader Linda Morris. Along the way the band changed their name to "Ritz" and they continued to perform at top-40 clubs and special events.  Bill and Linda along with keyboardist Danny Morris Jr. restructured the group into the "Rock-N-Remember Band", and changed their format to Motown and Oldies. This popular band played together for nearly 25 years until 2010.  Bill secured a spot with fellow oldies group "Carnival", until joining Time Trax Band in Jan. 2014.

 Jillian is an accomplished singer, song writer, and poet.  At age 4 Jillian realized there was nothing like being on stage after singing in her first Christmas show at her church.  She went on to perform in multiple theater productions such as Agatha Christies “And Then There Was One", “The Music Man”, “Highlights from Les Miserables” and “What Was I Supposed To Be”.  In addition, she also performed in several Christmas productions with the Cleveland Orchestra.

Jillian sang duets live and in concert with 5 Time Grammy Award Winner contemporary Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman and Christian singer-songwriters Michael Card, Fernando Ortega and Steven Camp. She also performed with “CFC” a contemporary Christian rock band which toured youth detention centers and churches.  During this time she participated in organizing children’s music direction for charity events including National MS Society and Autism Speaks.  In addition, Jillian has had Multiple compositions of poetry published.  She has won the “Poet Laureate Accreditation” and “Distinguished Poet of the Year Award”.

Jillian wrote the song “You Are".  After selling the rights to the song, "You Are" was picked up by recording artist LeAnn Rimes.  Released in 2001, “You Are” was featured on the I Need You Album.  The album peaked at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, and reached number ten on the Billboard 200.  "You Are" was featured on the soundtrack for Angel Eyes (starring Jennifer Lopez) on May 18, 2001, and was included on the Asian release of The Best of LeAnn Rimes. 


Over the years Time Trax has performed for many different clubs, organizations, and events.