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Why Time Trax is the Perfect Choice For Your Wedding

You might have a few worries on your wedding day but the entertainment at your reception shouldn't be one of them.  Most will remember if they had a great time because of the entertainment.  Time Trax has the experience and professionalism to give you and your guests a memorable and fun evening.

Time Trax treats your reception much like a production show.  From beginning to end you will have perfectly timed music and lighting, with an entertaining emcee that will announce all of the events on the evenings itinerary.  There will never be a boring moment for your guests.  When it's party time, Time Trax performs high energy dance music along with perfectly timed ballads with little to no space between songs.  This is one of the reasons why Time Trax is one of the most sought after bands for dance clubs, show lounges, and corporate parties.  The best entertainment is provided by you and your guests on the dance floor.  Time Trax gets everyone involved and in the mood to have a great time.

Early Arrival and Set Up Time Trax arrives approximately 2 hours before the start of the reception to ensure they are ready before your guests arrive.  Time Trax is meticulous about their sound and stage appearance.  They will not disturb any of your guests through cocktail hour and most of all, dinner. There will be a wireless microphone available at all times for any special requests.

Emcee Services -  Time Trax will professionally introduce your bridal party's entrance. They will work with you to ensure the correct pronunciations are made of friends and family members and will offer you a complete outline of your bridal party.  In addition to handling all of your special announcements, Time Trax will keep the agenda flowing smoothly.  You will be supplied with reception planner forms to help you organize your events with the band.

Continuous Music -  The band  provides non stop music by playing CDs while your guests are arriving, during the cocktail hour, and short  breaks. Time Trax has a wide variety of CDs to satisfy any style of music that you would like to hear.  They create a soothing atmosphere when your guests arrive and a relaxing atmosphere through the course of dinner.  Time Trax is happy to play your custom burned CDs if you would like.   Also available is the bands new I-pod hook up.

State of the Art Equipment -  Time Trax uses a  hi-tec digital sound system that produces a rich clear and pleasing sound.   They use the right amount of equipment for each individual event.  The band travels with a fantastic hi tech LED lighting system with haze and special effects to cover the stage and dance floor.

Professional Appearance -  All members of Time Trax will be in professional formal apparel.  Matching casual wear is available if requested.

Variety of Music -
Time Trax will perform what you want to hear.  The band plays many styles of music that you can dance to.  If there is a style the band does not play, they can provide it on CD.  The goal is to reach out to all ages.  Time Trax feels with this approach they can be a wonderful success to each and every event.

Musicians -
The musicians in Time Trax are true professionals and they really care about doing a great job. 
They give their best performance with a high energy level to captivate each and every event.  In addition to their musicianship, Time Trax can interact with the crowd and put on a great party that will reflect your style and personality.  Time Trax will be a part of your event, not overshadow it.  You will always be the stars of the party.  They are dedicated to making your event a success.

Time Trax will discuss all materials and issues to make sure your wedding is a complete success -  Time Trax is always available to answer any of your questions and help you during your planning.  Time Trax will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.  Available to you is the bands knowledge and years of experience performing at wedding receptions.

Things you may want to consider when looking for your wedding entertainment Because a band is bigger doesn't necessarily mean they sound better.  Some wedding bands hire extra freelance musicians who are not always rehearsed as a group.  Be aware that some "live bands" perform without a drummer and / or use karaoke style back up tracks.  Studio made videos and demos can be misleading.  Some perfect their music in the recording studio and lip synch their videos.  Time Trax audio & video clips were recorded live on site during a live performance.  Beware of "party bands" that can turn your reception into their very own rock concert or jam session.